Edified Energiser Grants - 2022 winners announced!!

We’re delighted to announce the 2022 winners.  Each participating person or group has been given $5000 to support the development and growth of their project. All the projects are focussed on improving the education of a nominated community and fit within Edified’s ethos of wishing to sponsor positive social change through education. Each project has at least one student or alumni from an education provider within Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland or Europe. We look forward to seeing how the projects evolve over the coming years.  If you feel inspired by any of the projects and wish to make a contribution to their work, please email us at energiser@edified.com.au and we’ll put you in touch.



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Ethical Education – scalable volunteer tutoring

Tushar Garg and the team at Ethical Education are on a mission to improve education in their community by supporting the development of students who are marginalised and have limited engagement with education, through a local community-driven solution. This is achieved through volunteer tutors being allocated to means-tested Year 10-12 students for low-cost one-on-one weekly tuition.


Safety, Health and Wellbeing

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A Review of the Mental Health Programs in Philippine Higher Educational Institutions in a Pandemic

Much of the pandemic context literature on the mental health situation of learners in higher education revealed the common stress factors of students in a remote learning environment, such as packed schedules, difficult lessons, internet connectivity issues, and the lack of private spaces to learn or the housing situation, among others. All these factors were found to be related with learning outcomes. Salutogenic perspectives revealed personal resilience as an important variable in sustaining the mental health stability of university students.In this project, Allen, Tessa, and Praksis will attempt to fill up the current research gaps in mental health literature and address the need for facilitating the sustainability of the mental health and well-being of learners in a tertiary education context during a pandemic.



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Successful Graduate

Primus English Program to Assist Refugees from Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine has imposed unbelievable suffering and hardship on people of Ukraine. Thousands of citizens have fled security of their homeland as refugees, and many have come to the safety and warmth of Australia. They face new challenges here including poor English language proficiency, social isolation, little understanding of local customs, etc. Ravi, Caroline and Andrew approached prominent Australian Ukrainians to determine how they could help using their long experience and resources in teaching English to build the first bridge to our society. They also discovered that a potential student cohort was spread in Victoria, NSW and SA. They quickly put together a teacher-led live online program based on Intermediate level General English and added elements of business to the package. The Energiser Award is making it possible to keep going and adding other professional English elements.


Women and Gender Equity

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Colove - Global Virtual Art Barter Residency Project

This project democratizes art and breaks prison walls as psychosocial caregiving for women behind bars in the Philippines.  CoLove project converges women artists' collaborators in virtual art barter residency zoomcare interactive workshops. The art barter creates a space for dialogue as a process in the spirit of Co-loveboration.  The pandemic opened a new door to prison through zoom as a healing space for unseen women and unspoken stories.


Experiential Learning

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The Ambassador Platform

The Taste of Bundjalung Cultural Heritage

A current barrier to equitable development of the native foods industry in Australia is research and development which is led by First Nations people. Bundjalung Tribal Society is developing a Community Heritage project exploring food sovereignty and community engaged research directed by the aspirations of the Bundjalung Nation. Through collaboration with Bundjalung Elders and respected Bundjalung chef Mindy Woods, the project will investigate and record traditional knowledge of native foods and flavours in the region, with the expressed outcome of sharing the appropriate elements of this knowledge with the broader Northern Rivers community though an interactive food culture workshops and tasting experiences.

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