External ESOS Audits

The Edified team are experts at conducting ESOS reviews and audits.

We conduct desktop, virtual and on-campus research projects that review your current international student-related activities in relation to the ESOS Act (Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000) and National Code standards. An external ESOS audit is a critical part of your TEQSA registration and compliance requirements.

Our reviews cover key elements such as marketing information and practices, recruitment of overseas students, enrolment agreements and procedures, student support services, student visas, cancellation of student enrolments, and procedures related to complaints and appeals.

To support our reviews, we engage with your key stakeholders across student services. compliance and marketing, looking at current and past practices, to bring them along in the journey towards best practice.

We provide easy to follow guides on what your institution is doing right, what to watch out for, what to improve and what to take immediate action on.

Our external ESOS audits help you stay on top of compliance issues, respond to the changing compliance landscape and improve your policies and practices. Our reports give you peace of mind and confidence that you are doing the right thing and expert advice on how to fix things that are not up to the required standards.


Edified will employ the following approach:


Edified will provide the following:

An independent external ESOS audit

A review of processes, policies and procedures

Summaries of recent student issues resolution

Engagement with international student-facing stakeholders

Tables detailing each ESOS standard, your compliance level and actions required

Recommendations and summary of findings

Roadmap to ensure National Standards are met

Recommendations on future state improvements

As part of the project we will also include:

A discovery visit - on campus or virtual

1 PDF copy and 5 professionally printed copies of the final report

One round of changes to the final report contents and layout

A presentation of the report virtually or on campus


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