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February 14, 2018

What? How? Who? Why?

What is Edified?

Edified is a group of education business specialists – consultants who have spent their careers working within the education sector and understand the unique complexities and challenges of the tertiary education market.

How do we plan to do this?

By offering world class consultancy, curating and implementing ‘best of breed’ solutions, and creating a hub for education consultants and experts to work together, share ideas and ideals, and improve each other’s practice for the benefit of our clients.

Who are we?

We are a group of education business specialists with extensive networks and many years of experience working on all sides of the education sector – within large universities, private institutions, student recruitment agencies and commercial companies providing services to the sector including developing new software and technology.

We have all seen and understand the unique challenges education providers face in bringing about change and growth. In short, we have felt your pain. We understand the issues and constraints. We have personally experienced many of the problems you may be facing. But we also see the abundance of potential and opportunities that exist. And between us, we have the will and know-how to help you solve them elegantly, efficiently, and with the minimum amount of fuss, expense and fall out.

Why are we doing this?

The founding partners saw a need within the education sector for an education specialist consultancy that can harness the power of multiple, expert minds to see through issues and get to the root cause of problems. We feel there’s a need for a consultancy collective which can make recommendations that can actually be achieved within prevailing time and budgetary constraints. And importantly, one that can then source and implement the right solutions for quick wins. No report, no matter how good, is of any use unless it results in real, positive change.

Why should I care?

Because working in the education sector can be tough. It’s unlike any other industry in the world and often misunderstood by government, media and sometimes even by internal stakeholders. Its complexity and nuance are unique.

An environment of sometimes conflicting agendas and decision-making inertia can be challenging. Working in a busy organisation means it’s often hard to find the time and headspace to reflect, analyse and solve. You can end up so busy working in your organisation that it’s impossible to work on your organisation. The urgent overwhelms the important. While there is no magic wand to fix all your problems, there are helping hands to tackle each challenge individually and turn it into an opportunity.

We believe education organisations are not machines that can be taken apart and reassembled every time there’s a change in the environment. Rather, they are like living organisms that must evolve and adapt, building on their existing strengths to survive and flourish.

Consultancy and consultants can be boring, dry and unsatisfying. Reports can be dense, complicated and aimless. We won’t stand for that. Working with us should be interesting, inspiring and engaging. Our reports, recommendations and solutions are to be elegant, achievable and worthwhile.

Why the name? Is that even a real word? Or are you just trying to word splice something that sounds all modern and millennial like Spotify?

Yes, Edify is a real word. It’s from the Latin word ‘to build’ – physically or intellectually. It’s modern English definition can be simplified to: Inform, Enlighten, Build. This fits perfectly with what we hope to do for our clients and sums up how we hope to contribute to the Education industry.

Where to now?

Well, it’s officially Day One in the life of Edified. By Day One, we mean birth. Conception and gestation all happened last year.

We are nervous, but excited.

We hope that some or all of the above resonates for you. If it does, please do get in touch or leave a comment. Or if you have any other thoughts about what you think will make a difference to the industry, we’d love to hear them.

Looking forward to Day Two.

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